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Awarding Student Athletes

In 2018, The Roger Jones Athletic Scholarship was set up to make a difference in the lives of high school student athletes by awarding them with a scholarship to help further their education. Since then, we have been honored to award and recognize outstanding student athletes and we couldn’t be happier to share them with you.

Recipients: Our Values

Levi Sleezer

Class of 2021

"Sports have affected my life in many different ways. My whole family lives for sports, and that’s what I think pushes me to be better everyday. There aren't a lot of high schoolers that can say they get up at five in the morning during a football season to go workout. To be the best you can be you have to go the extra mile every single day.  In addition to me pushing myself, my brother, dad, and mom play a crucial role in helping me be the best player possible. That’s what I think has affected me the most in the best way it could’ve, the constant encouragement to get better.  Sports will always be in my life, it’s in my blood, and I wouldn’t want to change that for anything. Athletics has brought me to different states when I’m traveling for a sport, and every time it’s the dedication that gets you there. It takes a lot of hard work to achieve goals, but I’d do it all over again to get where I am today."


Josean Sánchez

Class of 2021

"Looking back, baseball has saved me. Coming from a bad neighborhood in Puerto Rico, my parents did their best to keep my siblings and I out of trouble; they succeeded the bar they had set. Baseball is an activity that keeps me at peace. No matter the circumstance, baseball has always helped me escape reality. My heartbeat racing gets the adrenaline pumping and makes me feel alive. Working towards my dream of becoming a pro-athlete began when I came here. All the reps of groundballs, and batting practice has helped my consistency. The CrossFit and weight training has helped me gain more muscle mass, and when I put it all together it turns me into the player I am today. The coaching staff at Osceola High School has been a huge part of my success. Ive learned respect, compassion for others, work ethic, all from the experiences I've had along the way."

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Audra Thompson

Class of 2020

"The last 18 years of my life I have had many influences, Teachers, Family Members, but my greatest influence in my life has been the game of softball. At the very young age of four years old I started playing softball and I've never looked back since. This sport has taught me so many things over the years. It's taught me hard work, I learned that when you put in the work, you'll see the results. It's also taught me the value of relationships. Within the sport of softball there are many different relationships you'll gain throughout the years such as teammates, coaches, college coaches etc. Softball has influenced me to be a better person for the young kids. It’s given me a way to influence people, a way to be a role model for young aspiring players, it has made me become a better version of myself for those who are watching me. Overall, softball has been my biggest influence in my life and has given me more than I can imagine."


Shelby Jones

Class of 2020

"Throughout my “career” as a softball player, I have had many coaches who have impacted me in some way or another, however, one in particular has stuck out more than the others. My travel ball coach is one of the main reasons of why I am the person I am today. Coach Keith has coached me since I was a little girl and made me the player I am today. He always pushed us really hard at practices so we could see what we were capable of and so we would be able to play our best in the scorching summer heat and it worked. He always pushed us really hard at practices so we could see what we were capable of and so we would be able to play our best in the scorching summer heat and it worked. He always pushed us really hard at practices so we could see what we were capable of and so we would be able to play our best in the scorching summer heat and it worked."

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Joshua Blackmore

Class of 2019

"I started playing youth football and Little League at the young age of 5. I have great memories throughout my younger years with sports and with community service. Our family not only participated in the leagues and sports teams, we also as a family volunteered for many hours. Now that I am a senior in high school, I still feel as though giving back is even more important. I have had the opportunity to volunteer with the Best Buddies program the last 3 years and I will tell you that it has blessed me so much more then I could have imagined.  I hope to leave a legacy as Mr. Jones has; with his commitment to youth sports and helping them continue their education and compete at the collegiate level, he has impacted so many lives."

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Chase Goerner

Class of 2019

"Sharing my love of baseball with others in the way of community service was a natural choice. St. Cloud Little League’s Challenger Division partners children with cognitive and physical challenges with buddies, enabling these children to have the Little League experience. Spending Saturday mornings at the fields helping my buddy play baseball was as meaningful for me as it was for him. Watching the players cheer for each other, despite which team they were on, was an awesome experience. The feelings of joy and inclusion I experienced while working with the Challenger League is something I will always hold close to my heart. These children’s love for baseball strengthened my love for the game because it epitomized how a sport can bring people together."

Recipients: Latest News
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